Test Automation Day

I am currently preparing my presentation for the test automation day. The topic will be business cases that help management to choose for implementing test automation in the organization. In the discussions I am having a lot of other relevant topic come to live.  Such as the need to start with test automation, the goals we want to achieve (e.g. Cheaper, faster, better coverage, less variation in execution) and of course: dealing with misperceptions in the organization. Yesterday I heard a great story about management that was surprised that although the voted in favorite for automating the tests, the tester where still performing manual tests.

I think I’ll include it in my story. I love the slide I made to go along with it  (no offence to the managers intended 😉

you still do manual tests v01

Maybe you have some tips. What do you to persuade management, what should be in the business case of TA. If you share them, I’ll try to fit them in the presentation.

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