Mobile Testing – the relation between tests, business goals and design considerations

Last week I presented a webinar on mobile testing. It was received with great interest and more than 160 joined me in the virtual presentation.  The full recording can be found on the EuroSTAR community pages and has some very interesting Q&A at the end. It made me realize that Mobile is a lively topic and many participants were eager for more information on the topic.

Unfortunately the Webcam is missing from this recording, so I you like to see me speak while you listen, you might like the video below also. It is the rehearsal video I made one day prior to the event. It is slightly shorter than the live recording (only 29 minutes), it misses the Q&A, but has the webcam.

Summary of the webinar: Testing Mobile requires technical tests that align with both the business goals, and the design considerations made by development team. Due to the small size of app projects, tester can fulfill an important role in keeping overview, guiding the business and of course executing the right tests. This presentation will explain what can be tested on an app and adds the relation with the initial goals and design

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