We finished the Expo:QA program


A good thing about being conference chair is: you make the program. And you get to be proud on the result! After a lot of reviewing and discussing, moving talks up and down, the EXPO:QA program is done. I would like to thank all that participated, the speakers that will make the conference what is known for: a good conference. All the professionals that sent in a proposal but didn’t make it. Sorry, but your contribution is appreciated. And of course my fellow committee members Tony Robres, Graham Moran and Raynald Korchia.

Programma EXPOQA15

Have a look at the program: it contains some very good topics: Agile, Test Automation, Non-functional testing, Collaboration, Mobile, QA strategies, and much more.

Further more we have 4 wonderful keynotes:

  • Paul Gerrard (Internet of things)
  • Cesario Ramos (Holistic view- Scaling Agile)
  • David Evans (Pilars of Agile)
  • Zeger Hese (Testing in the age of distraction)

But mind the learning sessions and tutorials as well. I hope you like it as much as we do, and hope to see you in Madrid (June 2015).

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3 Responses to We finished the Expo:QA program

  1. P.F. Roozendaal says:

    I noticed some confusion between (ES) on the program page and (Sp) in the explanation … ?

    Gr. Peter R.


  2. egbertb says:

    Dat belooft weer wat, ziet er goed uit!


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