My new book is out! Agile in the Real World

This week the first copies of my new book were delivered at the Valori office. I was really proud when I browsed though the 120+ full color pages. the book looks inviting and the illustrations are a nice addition to the text.

Agile in the real world – Starting with Scrum has become a really practical book that deals with the adoption of Agile in organisations. It’s contains many practical tips and examples of the dilemmas we encounter on a daily basis when we start working with Scrum. This makes it a guidebook for all that want to start with Scrum or that want to improve their agile way of working.


The book is published by Techwatch, Nieke Roos did a excellent job on the editing and the book is available in Dutch at and

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One Response to My new book is out! Agile in the Real World

  1. Vipin Jain says:

    heartiest congratulations Dirk. I am so happy for you. Now waiting for the English edition.

    Did u give the bangle to youe wife?


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